Founders Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor and Adam Turoni

Founders Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor and Adam Turoni

In a typical Savannah Story, it all began with cocktails. A mutual friend of ours from Austria, invited us to a dinner party at her house. I found myself seated next to very shy, very young millennial. That shy, young millennial, was Adam Turoni from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A couple of weeks after that fateful dinner party, my husband & I invited Adam to a cocktail party. He arrived holding a small box of chocolates as a hostess gift. Each chocolate truffle was carefully packaged, beautifully presented. When I asked him where he had bought them, he told me he had made them & designed them himself in his kitchen. I couldn’t believe it! Such beautifully crafted, delicately made chocolates, out of this shy, nervous young man? I had to know more!

And so we began. In 2011 we founded Chocolat by Adam Turoni, utilizing each other’s strengths. Adam is the creator of the beautiful and delicious chocolate truffles, the recipes and the techniques that give them their unique look. As a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) graduate, his philosophy about chocolate is to tell a story through flavors. Creating everything in house enables him to keep complete control and manipulate any of the ingredients to recreate, explore, achieve new techniques, and most importantly tell new stories in different ways. Of course, it means a stricter discipline and an obsessive dedication. To achieve this, Adam is always experimenting with the best pairing of different chocolate percentages and origins that are available with his original recipes to maximize their inherit properties. When making his confections, Adam strives to use traditional techniques, but with a non-traditional whimsical updated approach.


“…his philosophy about chocolate is to tell a story through flavors”

The Chocolate Dining Room , 323 W. Broughton St., Savannah, Georgia

The Chocolate Dining Room, 323 W. Broughton St., Savannah, Georgia

I created the experience our guests first see, the décor, the displays, the overall world that Chocolat by Adam Turoni exist in. From the whimsy of the green grass flooring to the last details in each of the unique stores, I designed our chocolate ateliers as whimsical luxurious places that exist in their own world, where Marie Antoinette meets Alice in Wonderland. They beckon our guests to become immersed in the story we are telling with the flavors and look of each truffle. The stores are located in the beautiful southern city of Savannah, GA. It is full of hundred year old Oak trees laden in moss, surrounded by marsh lands, with a euro-southern architecture that draws crowds of people year after year to visit. Savannah is known and cherished for its hospitality and eccentricity, making it unique and It is a city of tours. Cemetery tours, Square tours, house tours and more. With this in mind, the interiors of our stores are an invitation to tour our own House of Chocolat by Adam Turoni. 

Our first store (323 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401) is designed as a Chocolate Dining Room.  Guests arrive to find themselves in the midst of an Alice in Wonderland chocolate tea party.  Our French banquet table is laden with our packaged items, inviting you to join the revelry.

“…the interiors of our stores are an invitation to tour our own House of Chocolat by Adam Turoni.”

The individual truffle chocolates are on display in a floor to ceiling grand breakfront, among bone china and Limoges teapots.   In the drawers of the buffet table awaits a discovery, not of sterling silver flatware, but our gold leafed lion head almond bark medallions & golden baileys truffles. We invite our guests to take a silver tray, explore the china cabinet, and discover all the chocolate truffles within.

The Chocolate Library , 236 Bull St., Savannah, Georgia

The Chocolate Library, 236 Bull St., Savannah, Georgia

The second store (236 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401) is our Chocolate Library. The chocolate truffles are catalogued in bookcases among encyclopedias, novels, & gallery walls of art.  Each section is organized in alphabetical order, marked at the beginning of each book shelf row with antique brass plates. As in the dining room, our guests, use custom made index card drawer wooden trays to place their selections as they explore the catalogue of offerings around the library. Each location has its own kitchen, open to view, so that our guests may watch us as we make our confections.

Adam and I, are a great example of what a very creative millennial can inspire in a generation X.  Together from two different times (he: 1989, me: 1972), two different nationalities (he: Americano, me: Mexican) and two very different life experiences (he grew up in PA, and I grew up in the middle of Mexico City) and yet we are meeting in the creative world, which sees no age, no gender and no nationality, to inspire and drive each other. Together we are: Chocolat by Adam Turoni.

At your service, we remain.

Adam Turoni, President/Founder
Alexandra Trujillo de Taylor, VP/Founder